Wilderness House   

The Wilderness house is a new addition to the Nakiska Ranch experience. The house has 2 bedrooms a spacious open concept living room/dining room...

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Rooms and Cabins   

All  rooms and cabins are the original Cedar structures from the time of the first pioneers of the Wild West. All cabins include all modern amenities and fabulous views of the Wells...

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Cabins Starting at $170

We have 6 nice Cabins to choose from All rooms and cabins are the original Cedar structures from the time of the first pioneers...

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Double room Price $149

We have 3 double rooms in the main lodge. All rooms have private bathroom, tea/coffee maker, small fridge, queen size bed and beautiful views...

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Double room twin beds $149

Two of our rooms in the main lodge have twin beds. The rooms have private bathroom with shower, coffee maker, small fridge and a...

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Welcome to Nakiska Ranch Wells Gray Park

Wells gray park

Wells Gray Park

Nakiska Ranch in the Wells Gray Park has been a ranch for many generations. 20 years ago, a very nice Swiss family bought the ranch and built the big lodge house and remodelled the old ranch houses into guest cabins. Lars and Aïda bought the ranch in 2011 and continued the tradition of offering our guests a friendly and relaxed place to spend a holiday in the Wells Gray Park.

Lars and Aïda are passionate about the long ranching history of the Nakiska Ranch and have since brought back the ranching aspect. So when you visit us, you will not only be in the heart of the Wells Gray Park with all it has to offer of natural wonders, but you will be able to have a firsthand experience of staying on a working ranch, where Red Angus cattle roam, pigs play and wallow, horses graze all under the keen eye of the plethora of wildlife that is abundant in the Wells Gray Park.

When your heart desires peace and harmony, when you need to come away from the maddening crowd, come stay at the Nakiska Ranch. Wake up to a huge breakfast buffet with freshly baked homemade bread, take in the sights of the Wells Gray Park or go for a wild walk in the bush. In late afternoon, sit on the deck of the main lodge and watch the meandering of all creatures great and small. When the humming birds come to feed, it is also time for you to enjoy the Nakiska Ranch BBQ style dinner.  Steaks the size of … well as big as you want, salads, vegetables, homemade desserts, all you can eat then coffee by the fire pit. Bring your guitar for a sing along.